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How to remove Daith Piercing – Daith Piercing Removal Complete Guide

Sometimes many of the people dont like their daith piercing and want to remove it or some people wants to change their jewelry to have a new look but they dont know how do it.

Lets dive into the topics and see how to do it.

How To Remove Daith Piercing ?

When it come to daith piercing removal you have to keep alot of things in mind to perform it safely otherwise you can get into some real troubles like making it more worse etc.

While performing the removal you should first clean your area of daith piercing and new jewelry which to be inserted as well.

After that  you can use a tool called small opening plier which is shown below in the video as well how  you can use it and open the piercing.

But if you have got it done with that standard ring and ball it would be pretty much easy for you to take it out and change it.

What you will have to do is to take that bead out by simply turning it until it get loose. Once you take tat ball or bead out of it becomes easy to tackle it.

Now rotate the jewelry softly  make sure it doesn’t hurt you and take it out of the hole it was pierced through and boom you are done.

While inserting the new jewelry make sure you hands are clean because it transfer germ into you daith piercing area and can cause infection because of that.

While removing your ring if you notice that your ear swollen and is bruised than their is no need to do it yourself make sure you consult doctor and show it to him before changing it yourself at home.

Make sure that your hands are washed before removal, unscented soap may also aid in helping to slide the ring out. You should also sanitize the pliers.





Updated: August 8, 2018 — 10:52 am

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