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Curing Migraine By Daith Piercing – Does it really work ?

From the past some years, we have been hearing about the cure for such an incurable disease like migraine with Daith piercing. Well, does it really happen, or we can just call it a placebo effect?

A condition in which the patient believes something to be effective and give them temporary relief even if it isn’t effective enough. Although, we have a mixed opinion of people who just did daith piercing.

In this particular article, we will talk about daith piercing for migraine, the opinion of people, research by experts and how piercing is effective in migraine disease.

First of all let’s just begin with a simple thing, what is daith piercing actually?

let’s get started…

What is Daith Piercing?

Well, let’s just describe that thing “Daith Piercing” in the simplest words for you. A daith piercing is a kind of piercing that goes through the smallest fold of cartilage in your ear, just at the point where the outer ridge that runs along the top of your ear connects the inner part of the ear.

Just because it’s a small and curvy piece of cartilage, it is, however, sometime’s hard to pierce, and when it’s done once, most people often don’t change the jewelry. Moreover, it can take months to heal and also can easily become infected if not pierced correctly or cared for.

Surprisingly, still, some of the people suffering from migraine have reported that it helps them reduce pain during migraine attack. Thanks to them, as they have led other people also to seek out for piercings as these are helpful in reducing pain during an attack.

However, as we have described above, doctors believe that it’s nothing but a placebo effect because according to their research it has nothing to do with relief during a placebo attack.

But according to the patients, Yeah, it works!

But does it really work?

As much as we have researched in the depths of internet websites and researches carried out by various doctors, we just found that there is no medical evidence to support the statement that “Daith piercing cures migraine”.

However, despite the doctor’s opinion, we just asked people, who use piercings to get relief from migraine, and the results were quite “shocking”. almost 50% of people said that it really gives relief, while some above 40% said that there is no special effect of piercing on pain during the attack.

Although, if we look at the positive point, then yeah, it works for some people. Not for some, but for many. Now let’s come to what the doctors say…

Piercing journey

Women wearing earring

Doctors’ Analysis about Daith Piercing

Well, if we talk about the doctors, they totally have a different opinion from many of the patients. According to the medical researches they carried out and information they know, Piercing doesn’t really work out in this disease, instead, it just makes a placebo effect, in which the individual just make his mind that it’s helpful.

Although, people who suffer from migraine know better if it’s helpful r not, but as we have shared some results with you, almost 50% of the patients are satisfied with it. So, we may say that it can help some people, and if you are lucky enough, it may help you as well. 🙂

Daith piercing help’s, Really? Scientific Reason…..

So, if not many of us, but some of us know that Acupuncture is a very common treatment for migraine, and yeah, some claim that there is an acupuncture pressure point on the same spot in the ear that corresponds to the digestive system.

However, this theory just spread on social media and Pinterest for the first time but after some time, Dr. Will Foster, an acupuncturist in Knoxville confirmed that this is a pressure point which is associated with digestive organs in that part of the ear.

The common belief is that wearing an earring in your daith provides constant pressure point, which many believe can relieve pain, Especially if acupuncture in the same area has been effective for you in the past.

But also, Foster noted that this theory hinges on a piercer puncturing a very precise pressure point, which isn’t almost possible to be achieved without an acupuncturist’s guidance, even then, relief cannot be guaranteed.

Let’s talk about the risks now!

According to the World’s leading headache specialists, advocates and researchers, the risk of piercing is much more than the reward. Any results from the piercing are more like a placebo effect, more psychological than physical.

Moreover, the piercing is very painful as well as it carries a high risk of infection, it can make your migraine even more painful for you. However, many doctors believe that piercing is not the solution, patients shouldn’t try it.

But what about the people who gets relief from it? Well, the opinion is a kind of mixed! isn’t it?

Quick-list of risks

  • Bleeding.
  • Nerve damage, including loss of sensation.
  • Swelling.
  • Pain.
  • Scarring or keloids.
  • Allergic reaction
  • Bacterial infections.
  • Infections during healing with pathogens, Such bacteria, yeast, hepatitis, HIV or tetanus.

Note: before doing piercing, just talk to a practitioner first.

Alternative treatments

Here is the list of some Alternative treatments, apart from piercing….

  • Acupuncture.
  • Auriculotherapy.
  • Stress reducing practicing.
  • Use of essential oils, such as lavender.
  • Making dietary changes.
  • Vitamins and other substances.
  • Herbal treatments.



Updated: August 3, 2018 — 2:49 pm

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