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Daith Piercing – Complete Guide Benefits And Risks Involved In It

Daith Piercing or ear weaving piercing which is know a most used full technique for curing migraine and got popular on internet sometime ago and got fame but with passage of time and testimonials from different people based on the results they got it lost its fame but somehow people still believe that it works.


What Is Daith Piercing or ear weaving piercing ?

It is sort of piercing in which it passes through the year inner most cartilage fold. Its very hard for the piercers to do it as its very difficult to reach because of its small size and curves.

While doing ear piercings you may be asked lay down and move your head away from them so it make the area more expose and easy to work and some people prefer doing it while sitting.

Daith Piercing is generally carried out by a sort of needle and some people may use some clamps just to help them a little with the procedure.

While doing it blood may comes of the ear that is wiped directly. Because of the place of the daith some times it becomes so tricky and difficult to reach their and will result in taking more time.

To get it done it requires alot of force as its not a normal type of skin that can be done easily, it can result in severe pain if not done properly and can cause infection as well but as the cartilage is pierced, they’ll put the jewelry in and give you proper direction to follow for the next couple of weeks and if there is any problem consult your doctor but in most of the cases it goes smooth.

When its done properly and wound are healed it has an eye-catching look that you wont regret. Their is one thing to be kept in mind if you ever wants to close daith piercing it will leave a mark behind.


Why People Do Daith Piercing ?

Most of the people believe that piercing affects the the flow of energy in the body.

Daith Piercing or ear piercing improves the painful condition of other parts of the body and internal functions as well because ears consists of most pressure points and is considered to be the home of pressures that are directly connected with pain throughout the whole body.

Daith piercing can be used for curing migraine , anxiety , vertigo, tension headaches and sinuses.



Things to keep in mind Before Doing Daith Piercing

Before going for the option of daith piercing you should keep these points in mind so when you visit clinic you will be already prepared for what will gonna happen next.

  1. Make sure  you hairs are short or tied together  so that ear can be seen clearly.
  2. Its carried out by needle so you must be prepared for pain.
  3. Some time the process can be longer because of the complexity of it.
  4. Once that cartilage has been pierced, they’ll put the jewelry in it may cause pain little bit.
  5. It may take couple of week to heal.
  6. Its no guaranteed that it will work or not because it has no scientific proof.
  7. Their is no specific time for wounds to heal for some people it may take more time and for some it may get healed late.
  8. It can cost you almost 70 to 120$ but mainly depends on the experience of piercer and the type of jewelry you use.
  9. Always use good quality of jewelry so that it helps you in the long run.
 Check out this video in which a women shows how her daith piercing was done and how she feels after it. 

Does it matters on which side piercing is done ?

Its a sort of question on which most of the people have different views however experts recommends that on which side you have pain do it on that side for it to be more effective but their is no specific answer for it you can do it on either side but make sure you do it by expert.

Its not necessary that it will work, for most of the people it did works and for most of the people it doesn’t so mainly depends on your luck that whether it will work for you or not.


How Long It Takes To Heal ?

For daith piercing to heal it can take between 4 to 6 months but their is no specific answer for it, mainly depends on the environment and weather of that particular place as well.

Many people will take long to heal and some people ma take short to time to heal but if you take proper care of it usually it can even heal before 4 months and make sure you keep it away from things like hairs brush clothes and you dont snag with it.

If you dont make mistakes, your time for healing can be pretty shorter instead of taking almost a whole year for it to heal. Make sure you dont take the old jewelry out directly after piercing, keep it for almost two or three weeks.

Check Out This Complete Video About Healing

Should I get single or double Pierced ?

It depends their is no specific answer for this question but
according to the experts do one first and let it heal and after that you can do the second

One of the factor that matters is your age if you are young enough than simply you can for both of them at one time but if you are aged than you should not for both ear piercing as it takes time to heal and in older age the tissues aren’t that much strong that it can heal quickly.

One thing you should keep in mind is if you do one first and second after it you would get really benefit of as you wont to have to deal with both of them and take care of them at one time and you will face less complications.


Are Their Any Chances Of Infection After Daith piercing ?

Sometimes its very difficult to spot the infection caused by daith piercing as its a sort of place that can be hardly seen if we dont pay attention to it but we can have idea of their is any sort of infection because that area will start itching or it will get red or swollen and in that situation you should consult your doctor immediately.

Keep an eye on swelling area of the ear if it increases after few days have passed than their is something serous to be considered and consult your doctor immediately.

daith piercing infection

To avoid any sort of infection you should strictly follow what you piercer told you before leaving his shop or clinic.

All of that guidance isnt full proof you may get infection still because of bacteria but its good to be careful on your site and eliminate any sort of possible risks.


Does Daith Piercing Works ?

No one can actually guarantee it whether daith piercing will or work as for some people it does and for some people it doesn’t.

It mainly depends on the type of person as it varies from person to person and their is no proper research on this to make it sure that for a particular person it will work or not as it requires alot of money and its not done yet becayse of lake of funds.

So its better to consult your doctor before going to for daith piercing.

Watch This Short Video It Explains EveryThing


What Does Research Says About It ?

When it comes to scientific research about daith piercing their is no specific answer for it as it has no proof.

Everyone who talks about this depends on his experience but many of the researcher believes that it will give you temporary relief but their is no permanent relief of it.

There had been surveys and it shows that most of the people who have done piercing are not satisfied with but still some people agree with the fact that it has lower their pain.


Some how most of the studies show more than 39 million Americans are affected by migraine.

Dr Blatchley of uk says that it does give some relied in initial stages but his research is till not completed and its still ongoing so we will see how it goes and add link to in the article later on when its completed.


How would you know that you have migraine ?

Major question that arises in many of the people mind before they consult a doctor and come to the conclusion that whether they have migraine or its just a simple headache.

So here I will just include the major symptoms that you will see when you have migraine is nausea and vomiting. Headache is just a symptom of daith piercing .

Curing Migraine By Daith Piercing

Can Daith Piercing cause paralysis ?

There are many rumors about this thing mentioned online that daith piercing can cause paralysis but it totally wrong yes some time it can during piercing but thats actually for an hour or maybe 30 minutes not more than that.

So if someone tells you this dont trust his words as it has not body at all it totally rubbish.


Is it possible to do ear piercing again if the spot gets healed ?

It depends and varies from person to person for some people yes and for some people a big NO. 

Before going for it again do consult a doctor instead of going to piercer again to ask whether you should go for it or not.

If the area is still infected so leave it for a while untill it get healed otherwise if you re-pierce it the infection may get even more worse and gets spread.

daith piercing again

When ever it gets infected you may have to use medicines and its a bitter truth that a small infection of piercing can turn worse more quickly and you may encounter some serous problems.

If you go to a licensed piercer to do piercing of the same spot he would definetlty refuse you . 

But there are proofs that many of my freinds have even done it twice or thrice but their situation was like once they did ear piercing it got closed quickly so they had to do several time but their piercing was not infected but keep onething in mind for the second time it will be bit difficult because the scar tissues are more tougher than normal skin tissues.

Before going for re-piercing you should keep these points in mind :

  • If you are going to re-pierce the same spot make you sure you wait for almost three week so that it get healed properly.
  • Before doing it make sure to check it maybe its open and it has got just a small cover.
  • Make sure the area is not infected.
  • Consult a doctor or a licensed piercer first before going to do ear piercing again.
  • If you are a women make sure to check its not infected if you are going through pregnancy it can cause some serous stress.

What if i do it again will it heal the same way ?

Definitely, a Big No many of the people who did it for the second time on the same place they got complications and it took more time to heal. This is what an expert says about it

Secondly the new piercing will have a slower heal rate than before, scar will inhibit access of your own blood to the site and this will inevitably slow healing. It can also result in even more scar tissue including some unwanted scar lumps found commonly on irritated piercings. Usually these go away but I do see more of them on “re-pierced” piercings.


What if i want to get rid of ear piercing ?

Sometimes many of the people they get irritated with it and wants to close it. There is no rocket science in it, simply leave it and those holes will close themselves.

However those holes aren’t that much even people dont notice it but sometimes they can take almost three to four years to be normal so just wait and start loving them.


How many cartilage ear piercings we can have in one ear?

Mainly it depends on the size and structure  of the ear some can have it more than while some people can have do it only once.

If you are a women you should not do it that much because sometimes it may effect your style and everyone would start noticing this in you only and even sometimes using low quality jewelry can cause the area around the cartilage goes black and it looks to wired than.

multiple daith piercing

Doctors call it argyia and its mainly caused by skin exposure to many things like salt or silver salt.

In case of it you should consult a doctor to treat it on time otherwise if it hot permanent you will have to go through a surgery.

If you do it in more than one than you may have problems while sleeping as it may get snoozed with your cushion etc.


Different Stages Of It From Start To Complete Healing

When you are done with daith piercing actually in first week its too annoying because their is pain in it.

Specially when you are sleeping and its get snoozed with anything you would be like ohhhh what the hell !! why I did this.

In first week you have to take care of it alot and follow what your doctor tells you because it if it get worse in the initial days it can cause some serous problems.

In second week of daith piercing it sometimes gets swollen so you dont have to worry about it as its normal and have happend to many of the people.

Infact now even in the second week you are not supposed to take headphone or earphone to hear to music etc.

Make sure you dont over clean as it can cause some serous problems as well and dont under clean it as well so do what your doctor tells you and follow it strictly so that it gets heal soon.

For some people it remains puffy for a long time. Healing of it differs from person to person.

During third and fourth week its already healed some how you can use the headphone etc now but make sure you take your antibiotics regularly.

After 4 weeks you should consult your doctor if he says anything follow it and enjoy your life.



My Recommendations About Daith Piercing 

If you have read the full article above so till now you have an idea of what actually daith piercing is and how its done and what problems and results you can face.

I have met most of my colleague and specialists of daith piercing and all of them tells me the same thing that it works for some people and it doesn’t for others.

So if you want to check whether it will work for you or not you will have to check and experience it personally.

One of my friends son he got results after having it for almost 13 months and his migraines were reduced a little bit and same with another friends daughter she got no results.

Lets me tell you one last thing about it an email that i got from my friends about it recently she says that she was suffering with the occasional migraine and almost daily headache and after having ear piercing she got better although piercing was painfull.


Best of luck with it and do email me you results so that i can have more reviews about and help the community better by providing them more information about it 🙂 If you like it do give it a share 🙂 

Check Wikipedia for it

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